Purchasing a Paint Sprayer —A Mother’s Day treat

I have a love-hate relationship with Spring. Mostly its love. Love for being outside. Love for longer days and warm sunshine. Love for puttering around the yard and replenishing my body with a natural source of vitamin D.

I can’t help it! When the warm weather hits —boom! I need to transfer my energies to outdoor projects. As a Handymom I see the potential of “things to do” in Spring as overwhelmingly exciting. But as a mom-Mom a maternal instinct compels me to restrain my enthusiasm and make time for the kids and their stuff. It’s a tough balance to strike when free time feels so scarce. To be honest, I feel jittery every sunny day I fail to get my DIY fix in.


This is how I was feeling on May 9. Check your calendar and you will realize that the retail industry had already been working hard for the past month to convince moms everywhere that their worth is somehow connected to a diamond pendent. What is it about this weekend that plays so hard on our emotions? I like to think I am stronger than arbitrary social conventions thrust upon me, but pfft, apparently not. My happiness became linked to the state of the Muskoka style chairs on the front porch. I got it in my head that if I could just get these painted than all the mundane mommy chores (laundry, cooking, laundry) wouldn’t phase me.


To that end I convinced myself I needed a paint sprayer. This purchase had been on my wish list for some time, but for one reason or another I stuck with the old brush and can. I took the Professor with me to get his opinion: whatever you want love.”  The fact is neither of us knew what we were looking for. Typically, I do quite a bit of research before making a new tool purchase. This time I went totally on impulse. And I have loved it.

The fact is, I walked into Lowe’s, saw they were having promotional rebate on paint and applicators, and knew immediately that I was a destined that have this tool. With rain was forecast for that evening, I reluctantly set my new sprayer aside and let the hope of using it on Monday carry me through the weekend.


Finally, Monday arrived. It took all my resolve not to paint the chairs first thing that morning. My seven-year-old had got wind of my plans and begged me to let him help me paint the chairs. How could I deny a budding detail surviver? I prepared the paint by thinning it to the recommended viscosity and had things ready to go when he got home. He was still enthusiastic to get to work as soon as school was done.


I was enthusiastic too, yet nervous that his inability to control the sprayer might ruin the end results. Not at all. We found the process very forgiving. He would spray to the best of his ability, then I would take my turn and even out the finish. I had no drips, sags, splotches, or splatters. Getting into tight corners was a breeze. Using a sprayer on this type of furniture was much easier and much faster than with a brush.


The next day the two of us spent approximately 45 minutes applying the second coat of paint to two chairs and a foot stool. Fast enough to get his brother to piano lessons on time! After another 24 hours they were ready for use complete with patio cushions from HomeSense.


I sent the Sprayer with my older son the next day to their grandparents to paint a few doors and their house shutters. Grandpa is hooked. He loves the sprayer almost more than I do. A part of me is a little surprised the sprayer returned home with my son later that evening.

Seeing how the freshly painted chairs add a sense of Welcome to our home makes me so pleased to cross this project off my list. With the promotional rebate at Lowe’s, I paid about $80 for the Paint Sprayer. Considering the amount of time it saved and the ease of application I think this was money well spent. I have several other pieces of furniture that I intend to spray. It won’t take long before the initial investment pays for itself.

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