Trim Down for Spring


SpringChivesOld man winter appears finally to be loosening his grip on Southern Ontario. The sun has coaxed clumps of grass and spring bulbs to break through the soil. I find the grey days of early spring some of the most difficult to get through. Yet, once the vibrant greens and golds start to appear, my joie de vivre and energy returns to full strength.

No more boots piled at the front entrance

Removing the utilitarian boot mat from the front entrance this weekend is celebration worthy. The tulips seem pleased to blend in more closely to their seasonal surroundings. Our wreath nesting robin reconsidered the practicality of building his nest on our front door. He and the Mrs. have relocated.

The completion of the Powder Room combined with the arrival of Spring has inspired me. I am overcome with an overwhelming desire to give the house a thorough cleaning. For me Spring cleaning is: yes, getting rid of the cobwebs in the corners and dust from the chandeliers, but also includes being swept up in grand visions for the full potential (read: work/projects) of every nook and cranny in our well-lived in and loved home. The more time I spend in every room, the more “promise” it exudes!

As I contemplated addressing my regular cleaning routine this week, I came to the conclusion that we, as a family, should reduce the contents of our home by at least 30%. We have a modest size house. We fit quite comfortably in it when we ignore the “stuff” we like to do and the “stuff” to go along with it—sports equipment for the boys, books and studio space for the Professor, and tools for me. Its not surprising that by Winter’s end if feels as if the stuff is falling down upon us in an avalanche that didn’t happen all at once, but slowly over time.

OfficeMess-DrawerYesterday I tackled just one area—the computer desk and adjacent storage closet. I set my timer to work in 15 minute increments to help me stay focused (a tip I learned from FlyLady). I filled a garbage bag, donation boxes, and returned a host of other items to the rooms they belong in. The calm I feel from tidying this one area is amazing! I truly believe decluttering helps us fall in love with intimate and regularly frequented spaces again.

OfficeMess-GameboyI plopped a box in front of the family full of cables and chargers with instructions to sort NOW or loose it forever. Most were redundant and set aside for e-waste collection. However, collective squeals of joy resounded when this gameboy charger and link cable were discovered tangled in the mess.

As an added bonus, while I decluttered, I managed to get not one, but TWO absolutely ridiculously small jobs crossed off my “TO DO” list! They took me 30 seconds each—Duh!


This mirror in the upstairs hall had been hanging crooked due to the missing lower bracket (It was tucked away in the desk drawer). A drywall anchor on each side ensures that the mirror will stay straight and secure.

How long does it take to hang a picture? I will not justify that question with an answer.

OfficeMess-ClosetI had placed these framed pictures in my storage closet when I repainted our bedroom. With the hope of making over the room on a much grander scale, I waited to put them back up. This is such a typical pattern of mine: store a item for later use, forget it and then move on to the next project. In the meantime my walls stayed bare and my closet full. Today, I found picture hooks in a jewelry container on my dresser and discovered the original nail holes I had left unfilled on the walls for this exact purpose. Pictures hung. Closet decluttered.

Sharing life with kids

I was greeted by my children’s Rainbowloom as I sat down to the computer desk this morning. It made me smile. Every clean surface in our home begs for a happy project to fill it up. And so it starts again!





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