Winter Boots and More Tiling

I am super excited. Tomorrow I will be picking up the stone counter top from an independent dealer north of the city: Which means THIS weekend I will be able to install my labour of love—the vanity. It also means I will need to erase the “Please excuse our appearance while we make improvements” written with a grease marker on mirror. I’ve grown so accustomed to the room as it is now that I am having a hard time believing it could be any other way.

This hanging globe will be a feature in the new Powder Room

As you know my target date to close the file on the Powder Room is February 28th. I am really concerned that I am not going to make it. For sure the big items will be in place (floor & vanity) But my promise to you was to have the room completed to the last detail. My to-do list still includes refurbishing and installing a light fixture, adding beadboard wainscotting, trim-work, painting and accessorizing. Its a lot to think about when you’ve already hit midweek. The inspiration for this room comes from HGTV’s Sarah’s House Season 3 —Entry and Mudroom. Scroll to the last 2 minutes if you would like to see the Powder Room only.

As a Handy-Mom everyday comes with a series setbacks. Today’s centred around a lack of breakfast options. “M-o-o-o-m-m, we only have Shreddies and Harvest Crunch!” Sounds perfectly delicious to me, so I ignored that complaint. “But I’ve had them for the last 3 days!” My retort: “One more day won’t kill you. Eat up.” 

Mentally, I’ve resolved I must get to the grocery store as soon as I drop the kiddos off at school. Before we’re out the door my six year old informs me that his boot is soaked because it has a hole in the bottom. I begin a series of scientific lectures on how six year olds who insist on being king of the castle on each snowbank to and from school are more likely to get snow entering at the top of the boot. Upon examination I discover his sole has in fact worn through at the toe. Buying boots is added to my list of things to do. That list is never-ending. And it just get’s better …

My teenager is now giving me the silent treatment, knowing it will take a small miracle to get him to class on time. We all pile in the car. The traffic-light gods smile down upon me and provide only green-lights. We arrive on time. Phew, things are looking up. Early morning grocery shopping is the best! In, out, done. Off to Costco where I plan to pick up milk, eggs and other Costco-y things … except that Costco doesn’t feel the need to open their doors till 10 am. Really? How does that make any sense? I return home to inform the Professor that I have disappointed everyone else this morning and I don’t want exclude him from the party, so: “Sorry Hon, no eggs.”

I spent the rest of the morning searching stores full of the latest in spring footwear for a pair of size 5 winter boots. I came home empty handed, frustrated and starving. Shopping is so time consuming. To compensate for the ridiculously unproductive morning, I made myself the greatest grilled cheese sandwich ever. So in lieu of the DIY project that should have been, I give you my tips on how to build a magnificent hot sandwich. Perfect for a cold winter day:

  • SandwichLayersTwo slices bakery fresh multi-grain bread
  • Two slices swiss cheese
  • Slice of oven roasted turkey
  • Tomato slices
  • A squirt each of mustard and mayo
  • Optional: Any other great treats the fridge has to offer … today I found cooked bacon and roasted sweet pepper and onion. Score!

Layer all ingredients in such a way to allow the cheese to hold everything together once melted. Butter the outside of the bread. Place sandwich on a medium-hot griddle. Cook to golden perfection on each side. Enjoy.

While your eating the sandwich take a look at how I solved the problem of cutting oversized tiles on a saw on a 12” cutting bed. I came up with the idea of the jig all on my own. I’m kinda proud of it.

Jig to extend the cutting surface of the Wet Saw