Lunch and Tiling

Thursday I had lunch with a dear friend of mine. Born a month apart we were destined to be fast friends straight from day one. We spent all kinds of time together in our teen years. Everywhere we went, and I mean everywhere, people asked if we were twins. In some ways we were. We just “got” each other! Inevitably, we parted ways in our early twenties. She got married to a Stephen and I went away to university, eventually falling in love with and marrying a Steven! After that we kept in touch off and on. As fate would have it, the purchase of this house brought us back within close proximity to one another. Two of our boys ended up in the same football league, on the same team, with my Steven as head coach. There, as we watched from the bleachers, she would regale my oldest son (sixteen at the time) with tales of my pre-grownup life. (What a mole!) It was actually good therapy for all of us. My son was enthralled by the fact that his mother harboured a secret life as a teenager. And I, who was then struggling concurrently with a toddler and teenagers, needed a hearty laugh and gentle reminder that innocent mischief at every age is part of what makes having a family worthwhile. As an aside, thirty years after our teenage heyday, our own children are still freaked out by how much my dear friend and I look and act alike.

Funny, I can’t really tell which of us is more serious. She definitely jokes more than I, and will say anything to anyone on any subject with a twinkle in her eye. But when it comes to organization, she is all business. For example, she was insistent on having four kids before she turned thirty. I, on the other hand approached motherhood with a laissez-faire attitude and ended up with five sons spread across two decades. I’ve noticed this attitude is prevalent in our home renovation and maintenance patterns. I always have a 101 projects that I’m working on, or getting around to. Much like the arrival of my children, many have been spread across two decades. Not her. She is a rolling stone. It’s like she sets her mind to something, snaps her fingers, and poof its done! I watch in stunned awe.

To be honest, I loved our visit but I came home from lunch a wee bit discouraged: “Why can’t I be more like my life-long BFF?” I said to myself. But that kind of talk is self destructive and we will have none of it here. Its time for me to strap on my tool belt and chip away at my list of things to do. Steady is the course to completion. I have to remind myself that professional results start with a solid plan. Be sure to spend enough time in the planning stage of a project before jumping in with the sledge hammer. Watch my latest video where I map out my tile placement in the powder room and begin with some basic tile cutting techniques using a finicky, old wet saw.