Getting Started

When my husband and I purchased our home more than a decade ago we understood that it came with a list of cosmetic flaws. The excessive amount of wallpaper, dark paneling and dated fixtures didn’t deter us. We could see the house had good bones and most importantly it felt like home. To be honest, even if we could have afforded a completely remodelled home I didn’t want one then. I was prepared and excited to give my home a functional and stylish makeover that had my name written all over it.

Surviving the Details has been bouncing around my brain for some time and it feels good to finally get it in print. Have you noticed that the hardest part of any DIY project is completing last 10%? One of my gifts, I think, is to see the potential of interior spaces and objects. If I have a room or a piece of furniture, I expect it to work for me—it’s not going to be just another pretty face. It will have purpose. I have had my hand on a project in every room of this house, from the basement to the attic. Vast improvements have been made over the years including an entire kitchen overhaul, but the details (sigh) the details are far from done.

Today I am beginning in the main floor powder room. The inspiration for this project is an antique washstand that we picked up Thanksgiving weekend near Bobcaygeon. I plan to convert the washstand into an elegant, finely finished vanity. However, before that transformation begins I need to get rid of a tired old floor and lay down new tiles. Throughout the renovation process I am going to keep the powder room open for business. For someone else (say, in the magic of TV land) this might be a weekend thingy. But I live in the real world of 5 children and the unpredictable energy that accompanies family life. That’s where my blog readers and video watchers come in. I am easily distracted by life’s curve balls. You are here to keep me honest. I cannot move on to my next great inspiration until the powder room is done to the last detail.

Are you with me? This is going to be fun! Check out my first video